DJ Snake made an immediate statement with his latest hit “A Different Way” with Lauv!

Maybe it was his premiering of the track atop the Arc de Triomphe in Paris during a once-in-a-lifetime live stream. Maybe it was the surprise factor, as DJ Snake unleashed it with no warning. Maybe it was simply the track being amazing in itself… But “A Different Way” definitely had some extra fire under it.

As it turns out, Ed Sheeran also played a big part with the making of “A Different Way.” The famous singer/songwriter is marked down as one of the writers on the track, as officially documented by ASCAP. Considering the pop star is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed artists on the planet, it’s no wonder the song became an immediate smash.

It seems DJ Snake and Ed Sheeran are more than just collaborators, but friends as well. In a recent tweet, DJ Snake captioned this snappy photo, “Legendary Levels of greatness.”

Let’s hope for even more legendary collabs coming from these two hitmakers in the future!


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