There’s a lot – a lot – of new music out today, so it’ll probably take more than just today to get through all of it you were really that dedicated. However, one piece of new music perhaps deserves a bit of extra attention because it might be the answer to a mystery we’ve been trying to unravel.

In October last year, we asked the question, “Who is SUMR CAMP?” The mysterious and unknown producer made his or her debut with an official remix of Marshmello’s “Silence,” so it had to be someone with connections, or perhaps an alias of an already-known producer.

The latter theory seems to be the most likely, especially when considering a tweet from Ookay this morning.

Based on the early support of SUMR CAMP from the Red Light Management team (both as a release itself and in reposts on Soundcloud), and this new tweet – plus heaps of fan speculation – the conclusion that Ookay is SUMR CAMP seems logical.

Listen to SUMR CAMP’s new song “Words” below.


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