Last time Snap Spectacles went on sale, it felt like the company was trying to make “fetch” happen. Nevertheless, the new hardware line from Snapchat is making a comeback and these shades do seem to be better than ever. And, the new styles are summer ready!

The concept is there. According to a spokesperson, Spectacles are a fun, hands-free way for community to experience real life and capture it at the same time. This prepares us for a future in which cameras will help us “live in the moment” even more.

Now, Snapchat is introducing three new colors: onyx, ruby, and sapphire. Plus, you can choose from two different lens shades. Overall, the appearance is sleeker and more lightweight than the original Snap Spectacles. It’s worth a shot to try ’em on!

Ideally, people will be snapping in the sun all summer long. But even music festivals have their share of rain. Never free with the Spectacles, because this fresh, new design is also water-resistant. Again, perfect for summer fun.

Here’s where we get to the good part — content quality. Spectacles now take photos as well as videos, and all Snaps transfer in HD only. New dual microphones now capture clearer, higher quality sound as well, reducing wind noise and balancing the conversations in your Snaps.

Simple transfer makes it even easier to import and share quicker than ever. With a single charge, Spectacles can take about 70 videos including transfer or roughly 3-4 times the number of photos, including transfer. Spectacles can store up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos at a time. Just import them to Snapchat later on when your phone is nearby.

These shades will set you back $149.99 USD, including charging case and cable. Get your hands-free camera here.

Snapchat Spectacles