2019 was an amazing year for music — and looking back, Dim Mak was on another level with its releases.

The label was a major contributor in the EDM and hip hop realm last year, boasting hits from labelhead Steve Aoki & Will Sparks, BROHUG, Quix, Luca Lush & Yung Bambi, Matroda & BRUX, Tisoki & Watgood and so, so many more.

Now, you can experience an entire year’s worth of Dim Mak in one sitting, thanks to the label’s annual greatest hits compilation. Running 22 tracks deep and over an hour long, this is the perfect way to submerge yourself in that distinct Dim Mak sound.

The label is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve — and years from now, we won’t be surprised to realize these songs were ahead of the time.

Listen to Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2019 and be sure to let us know your favorites!

Dim Mak Greatest Hits 2019


Photo via Rukes.com