Subtronics is currently underway on the Cyclops Invasion tour — unfortunately, the show in Reno tonight has been forced to be postponed due to a massive snowstorm rolling through the region.

“Being as transparent as I can, as well as being worried about everyone getting there and back safe,” wrote Subtronics, “there was an extremely high chance our bus would have gotten completely stranded in the mountains for potentially up to a week as a result of snow and wind.”

The alternative of transporting his entire team (12 people), plus production and merch to the next five stops on the tour, including an important Los Angeles date tomorrow, was simply untenable. As such, the show has now been moved to Tuesday, January 21. Though, that still might change as he agreed on Twitter with a fan who didn’t agree with the show being on a Tuesday.

While no artist ever wants to cancel or postpone a show, weather doesn’t care about schedules. Stay tuned for more information regarding this show.