The first string of dates for Madeon’s Good Faith live tour concluded over a month ago, but with new dates at EDC Mexico, Coachella, Govs Ball, and more, you still have a chance to catch it before it might be gone forever.

Those who have caught the tour were able to experience his Good Faith album live and in person in a way that you just can’t reproduce at home or with headphones. That being said, it’s still a live tour and there’s a lot from the album at play.

On a new mix out now for triplej, Madeon gets a bit more playful and experimental with his track selection, including cuts from Kill Paris, Oliver, Mura Masa, Kendrick Lamar, and more. It’s a side of the French DJ we haven’t heard in a little while, and it sounds absolutely incredible.

You can listen to the full mix on triplej right now here.


Photo via Diego Andrade