Want to jump on the EDM craze while it’s still hot, but can’t seem to sex it up enough in time for Halloween? Stress no further, the folks at Yandy have you covered.  Yes, that’s right, now you can turn heads while you pretend to turn knobs with their ‘Sexy DJ Costume.’

Stoney Roads nailed it when they said this designer “gave it their all, stuffing the most obvious deejay gimmicks into the least amount of clothing.” This classy getup features a state of the art Deadmau5 inspired squid-hood, faux converse stiletto boots, and a turntable mini-skirt to emphasize those hip joints. Tying it all together is a thoughtfully placed phone holster, designed for ease of use to tune out the haters while you bounce from door to door collecting candy. If you’ve read this far and still think this outfit is a good idea, we urge you to consult a friend. If they insist it’s a good idea, we advise you to find new friends.




H/T Stoney Roads