If you thought Monstercat was bringing their A-game with their last few albums, you’ll be in for a big treat with Monstercat 029 – Havoc, the label’s latest and most ambitious compilation.

One of Monstercat’s biggest focuses this year has been recruiting fresh talents, as well as a slew of well-known names in the EDM world. Havoc is arguably the best example of this so far, with the album bringing in sixteen new artists:

1. soupandreas
2. Koven
4. Ben Clark
5. Dirty Audio
7. Dion Timmer
9. Helen Tess
11. Psychic Type
12. Jessi Mason
13. Murtagh
15. Seven Lions
16. Echos

One thing you might notice about this lineup is how extraordinarily different each artist is from the rest. Havoc‘s tracklist beautifully reflects this, being easily one of the label’s most diverse compilations yet.

Even within the first two tracks (Jauz & San Holo‘s “OK!” and Seven Lions & Echos’ “Cold Skin“), listeners will be shocked at the compilation’s change of pace. Though both songs could be filed under “dubstep,” the two couldn’t sound any more different from one another.

From hardstyle, to jersey club, to – traditional – progressive house, Havoc has something for everyone’s taste. I dare you to listen through this and say that you didn’t like a single track. Trust me though, you won’t.

Below, we have picked our five favorite tracks from the album. We would encourage you to listen to the whole thing yourself and let us know what your favorites are in the comment section below!

DROELOE – Bon Voyage

What an absolutely monumental debut. From its seemingly never-ending atmosphere to its gorgeous harmonies, “Bon Voyage” is chillout perfection. DROELOE is officially on the map, keep an eye out for these guys.

Puppet & Murtagh – Killing Giants feat. Richard Caddock

Out of all the artists to debut on Monstercat with this compilation, Murtagh was by far the most deserving name. “Killing Giants” is sweet and charming, while simultaneously being noisy and rebellious. Simply said, it’s a beautifully executed work of contrasts, and we’re absolutely stoked for Puppet‘s upcoming Fear Is Fleeting EP.

Grant – Wake Up feat. Jessi Mason

New name, same talent. Grant took a huge leap by dropping his former alias – Grant Bowtie – and jumping on a completely new sound design, but it absolutely paid off. “Wake Up” is a sober trip, the ride of a lifetime.

Karma Fields – Sweat

If you thought Karma Fields’ debut album – New Age | Dark Age – was unique, take a gander at “Sweat.” You’ve never heard anything quite like this, guaranteed. If you want an even more mind-numbing experience, check out Raven Kwok‘s accompanying music video here.

Aero Chord – The 90s

Aero Chord‘s Love & Hate EP proved once and for all that he will forever be Monstercat’s trap king. Though solid the whole way through, “The 90s” served as one of the EP’s best tracks, featuring unforgettable synth sequences and throwback samples from Aero Chord’s older works.

Listen to Havoc and buy the album below:

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