NightOwls and Caked Up have decided on beef instead of turkey this fine Thanksgiving. On a day intended for reflection and acknowledgment of where we come from, the two artists gave dance music fans a little entertainment while lazily scrolling through smartphones in a food-coma.

Stemming from a message that claims NightOwls are “ripping off” Caked Up, a war of words ensued from both parties when NightOwls argued the opposite. Caked Up are no strangers to claims of thievery, and you can read up on those allegations here, here, here, aaaand here.

Additionally, there have been several physical altercations involving Caked Up, like Oscar Wylde punching Crizzly in the face, and ex-member Vegas Banger being arrested for domestic violence, so we’re definitely happy this was only a URL fight.

Enjoy a laugh or two below:

(@sadkeys reached out to let us know that he was joking in the DM, but it ended up with the same result, anyway.)