Just days after the largest drug bust in Turkish history, another STING operation has intercepted $7.5 million worth of ecstasy…

Malaysia’s Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group carried out a nine-hour operation on Halloween, in which the force reportedly seized 51,750 pressed pills and 227.6 kg of powdered ecstasy.

The massive drug bust prevented future mass production as well, considering officials also seized equipment straight from the drug lab meant for large-scale batches. The drug syndicate found on site could have produced 1.2 million pills, according to the report.

“The drugs seized have a street value of RM32.4 million and are able to supply about 810,000 drug addicts,” a Johor police official stated.

Taking place over six different sites scattered across Johor Bahru, between eight primary suspects.


Sources: MixMag, MalayMail | Photo: Roslan Khamis