Yesterday, Zeds Dead and Deadbeats dropped We Are Deadbeats Vol 4, a 14-track compilation album filled with collaborations from Champagne Drip, Subtronics, Slushii, Omar LinX, and more. While exciting, there’s still so much more to come from the Canadian duo in 2020. Including another album…

Zeds Dead said of the album yesterday, “We wanted to collaborate with some artists on our label as well as artists that represent the kind of music you’ll hear at a Deadbeats show. We are in the process of finishing our second album, and at the same time have been working on these tracks for our live sets. Over time all these tracks started fitting together like a mixtape or compilation of sorts, and we felt it was a natural evolution of the We Are Deadbeats series we’ve had on the label since it started. It took shape very organically and what was once meant to be a sort of precursor to our album eventually transformed into an album of its own and we’re incredibly happy with how it turned out. That second Zeds Dead album is still coming though!

There are still a couple collaborations that we know about that weren’t on the compilation and haven’t been released, namely Rezz, 1788-L and Peekaboo. More than likely, we’ll be hearing them on this second album. And hopefully there are more solo ZD tracks on there, as well.

Listen to We Are Deadbeats Vol 4 below if you haven’t yet!


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