One of David Guetta‘s masterpiece classics, “Love Don’t Let Me Go” featuring go-to collaborator Chris Willis, just turned 18 years old.

Nearly two decades later, the production holds its own as strong as ever. Few songs have had an impact on EDM quite like “Love Don’t Let Me Go” has, from 2002 until now. Guetta and Willis have a released a handful of tracks together and this one will always remain a standout with true lasting power.

Back in 2002, nobody would have ever known Guetta would go on to collaborate with music’s biggest stars. Sia, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and we could go on and on. This was only the beginning.

While the song “Love Don’t Let Me Go” is a trip down memory lane, the official music video is a trip and a half itself… Just watch! Enjoy this throwback right here!

You’ve got me dancin’ and cryin’
Rollin’ and flying
Love don’t let me go
You got me drownin’ in a river
Cold and in fever
Love don’t let me go

David Guetta – Love Don’t Let Me Go (ft. Chris Willis)


H/T: We Rave You | Photo via