Police in Mexico reported that they arrested 75 people during EDC Mexico last weekend. Of the total arrests 68 were related to pickpocketing while 7 were after people dealing drugs. In addition, approximately 200 doses of illegal substances were confiscated by police.

This news comes shortly after the latest installment from the Electric Daisy Carnival hosted in Mexico City concluded with a total of 287,522 attendees.

These statistics illustrate a problem that Mexico City has had with pickpocketing among all their music festivals. For festival goers in the Mexico’s capital and around the world, it can be hard to keep an eye on pickpockets when the focus is on the stage and not their belongings.

Pickpocketing has become so prevalent and easy that a YouTuber named Yulay recently documented how easy it is to do so in his latest video. Yulay attended EDC Mexico and enlisted an actor named Marlon to depict how pickpockets navigate and retrieve cellphones, wallets, and personal belongings of people who are none the wiser.

According to the video, pickpockets could go to an event like EDC Mexico and steal between 20 to 30 personal items a day. This means that thieves can make up to 25,000 to 30,000 pesos (which is $1,285 to $1,540 USD) a day. However, the video makes it clear that it is meant to be an educational tool and that all the items that were demonstrations of pickpocketing were returned to their rightful owners.

The lesson from watching this video and learning of these arrest statistics is to remain vigilant and aware of your belongings. Pickpockets can strike at any moment as Yulay’s video shows successful pickpocketing in broad daylight while people are dancing and having a good time. They also warn viewers to be especially vigilant at night as the darkness allows for easier get aways for thieves.

Source: Mexico News Daily