The music industry is experiencing unprecedented times as the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to make its mark.

Major music festivals have been canceled, entire tours have been put on hold, venues have been forced to close doors — and the Recording Academy‘s chairman and interim CEO Harvey Mason Jr. doesn’t see artists being able to adapt in this current state.

Recording Academy: How Coronavirus Is Impacting The Music Community

“I would not consider the industry is adjusting. The industry is at a stand-still. Musicians are not able to make a living, they’re not able to make money,” Mason exclusively told The Wrap“I don’t see us being able to transition while we’re under these circumstances.”

“The thing we need to try and do is help each other,” he added, “help people in the music community and help people in the general community feel better about these really difficult times.”

Mason’s opinions aside, there are plenty in the electronic music sphere who are trying to adapt as fast as possible. Many DJs have already created Twitch channels and started streaming, other promoters are throwing virtual festivals either on Twitch, or Minecraft, or in Fortnite, anywhere they can gather an audience and play music.

Miley Cyrus, too, has adapted with a new talk show called ‘Bright Minded’ that is gaining a massive audience with special guests, interviews, day in the life videos, and more.

So while the industry at large may be at a stand-still, according to Mason, the individual artists and teams are doing their best to make the most of a bad situation.


H/T: Yahoo | Source: The Wrap | Photo via Story Miami