It was recently announced that rock-oriented record company Wind-Up would be extending their reach into the electronic music world. The founding of their new label Eclypse was revealed to be a joint venture with Australian duo Feenixpawl, known for their festival worthy house anthems. Alan Galbraith, the GM of Wind-Up, had this to say:

“We’re excited about the artist Feenixpawl, and we’re equally excited that we can do something together creatively that’s on another level. It’s more than just a relationship between us and a very talented artist. It’s the opportunity to – with their input – get deeper into the electronic music space.”

Eclypse kicked off its inception with a new original from the pair called “Ghosts“, featuring lovely vocals from Melissa Ramsay. With an immediately recognizable style and flow combined with the use of bright, ethereal synths that erupt into the sonic space throughout the length of the track, this is definitely one you won’t want to miss. Melissa Ramsay’s lyrics are catchy and anthemic, making this song feel like an instant classic. Check it out in the stream below, and visit Beatport to pick up your copy.


Source: Billboard