This last week has seen an influx of news in the dance music world, from planned break ups, to Nocturnal Wonderland becoming a hot zone for arrests. We realize it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything going on, so to help you stay on top of all the happenings, we’ve compiled the most popular articles of the week, all in one place.

Starting on Monday, September 4th, this week saw everything from deadmau5 reviving his Coffee Run series, Porter Robinson live streaming the details of his new album, and even Lil Wayne hinting at a new EDM project. Have a look through the week’s best and catch up on what you may have missed.

Weekly Recap 9/4

• Die Antwoord Say They’re Going To Break Up – Then Change Their Story

• Daft Punk Helmets Get Their First Upgrade In Years

• America’s #1 DJ Has Officially Been Named

• Rebecca Black’s New Marshmello-Inspired EDM Single Is Surprisingly Good

• Over 400 Arrested During Southern California EDM Festival

• Burning Man Camp Founded By Famous DJ Severely Vandalized 

• Apple Reveals iPhone 7

• How Apple Removing The Headphone Jack Will Affect You

• Apple’s Solution For The iPhone’s Biggest Flaw